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The Random Question Tag

Hello darling. Today I brought you The Random Question Tag, yay! HUGE thanks to Cassie from Fangirling Misses who was kindly tagged me. Thank you, Cassie! I'm going to answer 18 random questions, so you'll be able to get to know me better! I'm dying to hear your answers as well so don't forget to share them with me in the comment section below. 

1. Have you ever thrown a book?
I'm not sure if it counts or not but sometimes I throw my math book when I can't understand something and a test is coming up. Besides that I'd never ever throw my or other people's books for that matter even if I hated them. 

2. Do you like lengthy books or short books? 
The length of a book doesn't really matter to me as long as I found the synopsis interesting. But sometimes when I know I want have a lot of time to read I rather chose short books than long ones.

3. If you don't like a book do you stop reading it or finish it? 
I absolutely hate DNF-ing books. I'm typically that person who finishes even the ones I hate. There were very few times when I actually gave up on a book, I can think of only one right now and giving up on that sucked because I got it for review. Ooops.

4. Do you stop reading when you're tired or when the chapter finishes?
It depends on my mood and on the book of course. There are times when I'll continue the book even if I can hardly keep my eyes open but sometimes I'm in such a sucky mood that I'll put it down even if I love the story. I prefer to stop after finishing a series because I found it harder to reconnect to the story if I left off at a random part. 

5. How do you organize your shelf? 
- I have three shelves on the wall, and approx 30 books on each. I usually put the ones I didn't really enjoyed here. 
- I have one bookcase with three shelves in it. Here I keep the books that were required for school and books such as dictionaries.
- I have a wardrobe, it's really big so it has two huge shelves under the top of it. This is the shelf that looks the best - because it's greatly shaped which I can't explain but one day I'll take pictures - so obviously I put my favorite books here. 
- I got another bookcase not so long ago and I'm still trying to make it look alright so things are a bit messy right now. 

6. Paperback or Hardcover?
Paperback. Hardbacks are waay more expensive and it's heavier to carry them around, plus I hate that the outside cover of it - which I have no idea how it's called - always slides and it's just uncomfortable to hold them. Paperbacks are easier to read, they got worn out quicker but I don't lend books to many people and I'm crazily careful with them so this is not a problem for me. 

7. What books can you not wait to read?  
Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater. I LOVE this series and I can't wait to finally get some answers to all my questions. 

8. A book you wish would be turned into a graphic novel?
I don't read graphic novels so...

9. A book that disappointed you? 
Ashes to Ashes by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian. This is probably the biggest disappointment of my reading life. Check out my spoilery review to learn more. 

10. What book made you cry recently? 
I don't cry on books but I'm not heartless promise! Lastly my eyes got all wet when I reread my favorite and most important parts of the first three books of the On Dublin Street series.

11. Do you prefer buying books online or going to the bookstore? 
Online. Mainly because in Hungary there aren't many (or try any) chance to get English books and then I didn't even talk about the books I want. Plus ebooks can only be bought online as well. And even if I buy Hungarian books I still buy them online because I got 20% off. 

12. Do you prefer to music while reading or read in silence?
It doesn't matter, thanks to the fact that I've been travelling with train since my last two years of kindergarten I can pretty much get into a book (and fell asleep) anywhere, even in class. I just block out everything around me. When I'm on the train I usually listen to music to block out all the loud people around me but if I really get into the book I won't remember what I had listened to. When I have the chance I like to read in silence.

13. What is the weirdest thing you've ever experienced while reading a book? 
Nothing. If we don't count that one time when I read in class and I only realised that the teacher caught me reading when she took my phone away. Cruel, just cruel. 

14. What was your first fandom? 
The Hunger Games, I think but actually I'm not that into any fandoms. I know I'm the odd one out. 

15. What fictional character do you relate to the most?
Holden from The Catcher in the Rye. I hate everything. 
Kind of depressing that I can relate to him the most but while I can definitely relate to nearly every character I still didn't find any that I could relate to the most. That is, besides Holden. 

16. What fictional character do you wish you were more alike? 
Rose from Vampire Academy. Being strong, badass and a openly smartass sounds so wonderful. I wish I could be more open with people and it wouldn't take such a long time for me to really open up. 

17. If you could spend a whole day with five characters, who would you pick? 
Adrian from Bloodlines is a must even if he disappointed me in Silver Shadows. Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles is coming too, as well as Cress and I would keep pushing them together until they see how amazing they are together. Gansey from the Raven Cycle series has to be there too, he would be such a wonderful person to talk to. Lastly, Katy from Obsidian to obsess over books and talk about blogging. 

18. What is a book that exceeded all your expectations?
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I was afraid because the synopsis sounded a bit too dramatic but I loved that book soo much! 

That was all for now. Hope you guys enjoyed. I'm going to tag three people for now, I hope you guys haven't done this tag yet, sorry if you did. 

Mitsuki/Suzie @ Capture the Moment


  1. Thank you so much Veronika for tagging me! I'm so excited, you know I like tags!

    I love your answer to number one. I definitely would throw my math textbook too when I don't understand it but it's so heavy and I'd probably be scared that I'd break something. I'd definitely throw my homework though and maybeee curse my teacher. And I saw your review of Ashes to Ashes in my feed yesterday but I didn't click on it yet bc I didn't finish it. I still haven't but it sucks that it was a disappointment! Fingers crossed I don't feel the same way!

    1. It's such a great feeling the throw the math book across the room,... well until I realize that no matter what I am the one who'll have to pick it up. Haha. I really hope you'll like it! I read mixed reviews so there's like 50% or a little more that you'll end up loving it. :))

  2. Hahah nice answers! I totally throw my math book as well xD
    Aw Adrian disappointed you? Huhh... I still haven't read SS. Better get to that !

    1. Yes, he did I wanted to scream at him please, just go some balls! I hope you'll enjoy Silver Shadows too. Anyways I still love him. :))

  3. Thank you for tagging me! I'm so lucky that I don't have a math book any more xD But I can relate to your feelings (I hate math too). Anyway nice answers ^^

    1. I'm ready to you use force if you don't do this tag! Just crazy people don't hate maths, ugh just talking about it makes me mortified. Haha. Thanks. :))

  4. We were Liars was amazing, totally not what you expected!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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