Thursday, October 23

Royal Rantings #1: Writing Negative Reviews

Hey guys. I decided to finally make a discussion post, partly because I've been told that many people would love to hear my opinion on different topics but mainly because (why else?) I wanted to do it. As you can probably guessed from the title I'll talk about negative reviews, hope you'll enjoy it.

I feel like everyone in the book blogging community has discussed or at least heard about how Kathleen Hale, author of No One Else Can Have You stalked a woman who wrote badly about her book and allegedly bullied her. I was thinking about making a post based on this topic but I don't think there's anything left to say that other bloggers haven't mentioned in their posts yet. So I decided to answer the questions that popped into my mind while reading her essay. 

Don't forget to share with me YOUR opinion in the comment section below, you know a discussion is no fun if it's one way. 

Do you write negative reviews? 

Yes, I do. Actually, as horrible as it sounds most of the time I find it easier to write a negative review than a positive one. There's only so much I can say about an amazing book. I can go on and on about how I loved it and mention all the great things in it but in the end I'll still find more things to talk about in a bad book. 

Do you consider your reviews mean? 

That depends on which one we look at. Sometimes I'm able to write about a book I detested without dissing but mostly I'm so angry that I can't stop myself and honestly I don't feel bad about it. I wrote some pretty bad things about City of Heavenly Fire or my latest "favorite" Ashes to Ashes but I wouldn't change them for anything. I put work and thought into those reviews and I won't apologise for what I think.

Do you judge the author by her book? 

Absolutely not. Like I said, I'll write down detailed why I didn't enjoy the author's book but I will never ever say that the author is dumb or any other thing because we don't have the same viewpoint or enjoy the same books. I'll, however, tell if I didn't enjoy how she wrote, like I did with the Cassandra Clare novels I've reviewed. 

What is your purpose when writing a mean review? Like do you want to make other readers rethink reading that book? 

Not really. There are some books that I'd like to tell readers to stay away from because there are so much better ones out there but again this is so objective that I won't say anything. In most cases I mention that the fact I didn't enjoy the book doesn't mean you won't either. 

Has a negative review ever made you reconsider reading a book? 

Yes, but only the books that I was hesitant to pick up. When I find something that I really want to read most of the time I won't read reviews of it. However when I'm not sure if I should pick up a book or not, reviews help me a lot. 

Do you get mad when a reviewer writes a bad review about a book you love? 

Yes but only in a way I get mad at my friends who don't agree with me and not in an I-hate-you-stop-existing way. So it's not actually mad or angry, frustrated covers it better.

Do you think negative reviews are needed or not? 

I know that the publishing industry isn't in it's best form at the moment which makes me understand even more why some people only write reviews to the books they liked. However I still think both negative and positive reviews are needed. In a world where there would be no negative reviews the positive ones would lost their meaning. Why would you look up reviews for a book when you'll only find praisings for it? I think the best thing in reading reviews is that you can hear out both sides and see a book from more than one perspective. 

Have you ever been attacked because of a review you wrote? 

Yes. Actually I think the first ever comment on my blog was a real shitty one. I know that some moderate their comments but I don't think that's necessary. Besides the first two comments I got I never experienced hatred from my readers. I kept those two, you can still see them at my post Truth or Dare. I thought they are good reminders of how things started.  

Anyways, don't be afraid to share with me your thoughts upon my post. I promise I won't go into a crazy rage if we disagree. Looking back at the post it's kind of creepy how I asked then answered my own questions, whatever I like it this way. 

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