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Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read

Hello lovely people. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, every week there's a different topic and we all make a list based on that. This week's theme is the top ten books that were hard for me to read

Have fun browsing through my list and don't forget for Goodreads page you'll only have to click on the covers. :)

The books are in no particular order.

1. Samantha Young - Fall from India Place (On Dublin Street #4)

Do you know that feeling when you loved the previous book(s) in a series and are waiting for something bigger and better than those, or at least something that can measure up to them and then the book doesn't live up to your expectations? Worst. Feeling. Ever. I'm one of the biggest fans of the On Dublin Street series but Fall from India Place is a horrible example of the situation I mentioned above. It was hard to read this book because I wanted to like it badly, but I just couldn't. The characters annoyed me and the plot was all too obvious and cliched. I gave three stars but only because of the previous books.

2. Lauren Conrad - Sugar and Spice (L. A. Candy #3)

Sometimes I'm really fucking stupid, I just can't help myself. A year ago I still had this terrible habit of mine when I finished every single series no matter how much I loathed the previous books in them. The L. A. Candy trilogy is a great example of just how masochist I was. The first book wasn't that bad but even then I realized that neither one of the characters have any common sense. They were boring and totally not unique. I still read the second and then third book thoughtfully. I hated them like the devil but I still did, don't ask why because I have no idea. It was hard to read this book because the characters were annoying, mean and crazy as hell and I was waiting for something that didn't happen in the end.

3. Cassandra Clare - City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6)

After the 4th and 5th instalments of TMI series I lost my love for this series, still I started City of Heavenly Fire right after it was released. I had to drag myself through the book and it took more than two weeks for me to finish it. It was hard to read this book because the characters were annoying as hell and I was bored throughout the entire book.

4. Rachel Hawkins - Rebel Belle 

I was really looking forward to read this after all the great things I had heard about it I was sure Rebel Belle would amaze me because apparently everyone thought that it was so funny. Well, not to me. Everyone says how badass Harper it but I don't agree with this. Well, she did some stuff that could be considered as brave but she acted like a dumb, spoiled brat who only cared about one person: herself. It was hard to read Rebel Belle because the characters were annoying, I hated their guts and I found the whole book totally not funny. Sorry, not sorry.

5. Kate Karyus Quinn - (Don't You) Forget About Me

Again, a book I couldn't wait for and wanted to enjoy but neither one of these things happened. The characters were plain and boring, the plot was all over the place and the ending was rushed.  It was hard for me to read this book because drug addiction was painted like something you can switch off whenever you want to. 

6. Penelope Douglas - Bully (Fall Away #1)

I can't even start to describe on how many levels Bully freaked me out. It was hard for me to read it because the whole book just didn't make sense to me. I'm only 17 but I would never ever ever be with someone who hurt and shamed me for more than two years, with someone who occasionally still treats me like trash. Forgiveness is one thing but being in love is something entirely different. How friendship was portrayed was too terrible, I felt sick to my stomach while I was reading this book. 
Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings with what I wrote.

7. K. A. Tucker - Five Ways to Fall (Ten Tiny Breaths #4)

I love K. A. Tucker and even after the disappointment this book was I'm still interested in reading her books but Five Ways to Fall was a huge disappointment for me. It was hard for me to read this book because I didn't find Reese badass or though, how she cried after her cheating ex was one thing, she loved him I get that but how she tried to get him back was stupid, pathetic and made me furious. 

8. J. Sterling - The Perfect Game 

How I hated this book, guys! As I said above I'm quite the masochist when it comes to reading. I didn't just finished The Perfect Game but read the second book as well. I'm terrible like that. It was hard for me to read this book because I detest people who cheat. It's one thing when there's a book about an adult couple who made a mistake but then realized they still love each other, while I wouldn't ship them I would accept and even understand their choices. But what the hell can you expect if the guy cheats on you when everything is more than perfect between the two of you and you're young and beautiful? And then in the second book the author wants us to feel sorry for the guy because apparently he suffered a lot because of his choice. Good, let him suffer forever. Ugh, such a horrible book.

9. Amy Harmon - Making Faces

Finally a book that I loved! It was hard for me to read Making Faces because the characters were religious while I'm an atheist so it was hard for me to connect to them or agree with what they said.

My review:
  10. Richelle Mead - The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4)

I love love love this series and I loved The Fiery Heart as well but it was hard for me to read it because I knew what was going to happen to Sydney. I'd decided to wait until I had both Silver Shadows and The Fiery Heart but still it was hard to read about how everything fell apart.

That was all for today. I'm glad you were here, leave me your TTT link and let's meet at your blog.  Have you read any of the books from my list? Tell me your thoughts upon them. 


  1. I still have City of Heavenly Fire sitting on my shelf, I just can't seem to get around to reading it. Bully was horrible. I can't see what the author was thinking in that one.

    1. What I don't get is how anyone can say that Jared is hot and they would totally go out with him. Why? He's a complete jerk. But my "favorite" part was when Tate had finally struck back and said something awful to Jared and then she was made to look like a monster because apparently if you try to protect yourself that means you're becoming a bully. Horrible.

  2. I actually started to read (Dont You) Forget About Me, and I lost interest. I figured I just wasn't in the mood for it or something. Maybe it wasn't just me. I do want to go back to it and give it another try. Oh, my, I thought Rebel Belle was hilarious and I just got Miss Mayhem so I'm pretty excited. Although, sometimes the things I think are funny other people think are dumb, so yeah :) This week was really hard for me. There's only one book on my list and it's pretty personal. If you're inclined... My TTT

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    1. I wouldn't want to make you not read (Don't You) Forget About Me because I did read some reviews that liked it. As I said my main problem was the drugs and how rushed the ending was so if you can look over those things, you might enjoy it. :) I'm glad you liked Rebel Belle, I think maybe if I had read it when I was more in the mood for such a book I would have enjoyed it more, who knows?

  3. I almost put Making Faces on my list, too! The religious aspect didn't bother me, but it was just a lot of tough subject matter. I did love it, though!

    1. Though it was hard for me to identify myself with the characetrs I'm still glad I was able to get to read about some religious people and get to understand them better.

  4. AHHHH I'm yet to read Number 4, 5 & 6 of Mortal Instruments I own 4 & 5 though. The first books were incredible but I guess now I have to resign myself to be disapointed. Book 3 Acted like a final book in the series though, do you know why?

    1. Yeah, I know. Cassandra Clare only planned to write a trilogy but the publisher asked her to do more, thus she added another three books to the series. Actually I'm sad I continued reading the series after the third book because now it's hard to remember how much of a fan I was when all I can think of is how boring and unnecessary the last three books were. Anyways, I still hope you'll enjoy those too. :)

  5. I have the Mortal Instruments series on my shelf and I haven't touched it yet. I'm still having second thoughts after seeing the movie. Five Ways To Fall looked great, I'd like to read it to justify your review further lol

    Great list by the way!

    Blessie @ Mischievous Reads

    1. The books is definitely better than the movie was. That film was one of the biggest disappointments ever. They changed so many scenes and unlike in The Maze Runner - where I could see the changes and think that what they did was logical - in TMI nothing made sense. When the snow started to fall inside my friend and I laughed so hard. Haha, though I didn't like Five Ways To Fall, I hope you will. :)
      Thanks. :)


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