Tuesday, July 1

June Wrap Up and Books I'll Definitely Read in July

This is my first Wrap Up Post which is for anyone who'd like to rethink to my posts in June, if you're not interested in my random thoughts please skip the next three chapters. 

My favorite part of June was the day when school ended. More time for reading. Yay! More time for watching series and movies. Yay. And last but not least more time for friends. Yay!

Yeah, as I thought. The friends thing worked out but what really took away from my reading time was watching series or more like trying to catch up on the series what I didn't have time to watch before. I still have tons of ahead me, some I've already started (True Blood), some I just plan to start (Bates Motel) but there's a common thing in all of these, which is how much I'm behind 

Now, let's talk about the reading part, I thought I will read one book per day because last summer there was a time when I could do this and still have a social life but somehow it seems harder this year, I still love to read just not in really big doses, maybe (hopefully) this will change in the future. 

Here are all my reviews: 
Click on the title for my review

Cassandra Clare - City of Heavenly Fire 
Marissa Meyer - Cinder
Katie Alender - Bad Girls Don't Die 
Calia Read - Unravel 
Samantha Young - Fall from India Place 
Marie Rutkoski - The Winner's Curse 
Laini Taylor - Daughter of Smoke & Bone 
Jamie McGuire - Mrs. Maddox (spoilers)
Nell Gavin - Hang On 
E. Lockhart - The Boyfriend List 
Melissa MacVicar - Ever Near 
Tanya Byrne - Heart-Shaped Bruise 

This month I got nominated for the Liebster Award, click here for my post. 

On June 11 I started a Summer Reading Challenge , click here for my post. 

I started to make Top Ten Tuesday Posts on June 10, I have 3 so far: 

I know this was a topic (or something very similar to this) on Top Ten Tuesday but I was too late to participate in it so I made my own What books will I carry in my beach bag in 2014? list. Click here for it. 

 I started to make Waiting on Wednesday Posts as well, I have 2 so far: 

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins 
Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

Thanks for thinking back to all my posts from June, here are some that will (hopefully) come in July: 

Laini Taylor - Days of Blood & Starlight (probably Dreams of Gods & Monsters)
Rosamund Hodge - Cruel Beauty 
Maggie Stiefvater - Sinner 
Marissa Meyer - Scarlet + Cress + all the novellas
Laura Roppe - Heart Shaped Rock
Abbi Glines - One More Chance*
Kasie West - On the Fence 

How did I make my TBR jar?
Some bookish games 

*I wrote down wrong the publication date or maybe it changed? Anyway it will come out on August 11th so I won't be reading it in July.


  1. Oh, I hope you enjoy the last season of True Blood :) Wow! You reviewed a lot in June, didn't you? Good job, girl ;) Top Ten Tuesdays are awesome! Glad to have you with us in them :) I hope you enjoy Days of Blood and Starlight and whoaaa!!! You're planning on reading Scarlet? WHOOP! Me loves this book so hard. My fav of the series (though I've only read Cinder and Scarlet lol). Good luck with your July tbr, Veronika ;)

    1. I hope so too :) Thank you :) I love Top Ten Tuesdays as well, I always have fun doing them. I'm currently reading Days of Blood and Starlight but I like it a little less than the first book, I hope this will change though (I'm at 50%). I'm going to start Scarlet next week, I hope in the end Cinder and Kai will be together because I ship them so hard, anyway I'm totally excited for the new characters. Thank you, Siiri :)

  2. Ha, school ending would definitely be one of the best parts of June ;) yay for more reading time!

    Also, I absolutely LOVED Days of Blood & Starlight. It's a lot darker than the first book, and I know some people haven't enjoyed it as much, but I loved loved loved it. Then again, I love love love the whole series, so... I also see the awesomeness of Scarlet and On the Fence on your TBR :) On the Fence is super fluffy and awesome <3

    Happy reading in July, Veronika :D

    1. Akiva and Karou are one of my biggest ships and they haven't even met in this one yet! And I don't like Ziri at all nor Thiago who thinks he own the world. I just want Akiva and Karou together and it doesn't happening and I know they will be together in the end of the last book but it's not enough. I'm so horrible I keep ruining the story for myself with shipping them so hard lol. :) I'm really looking forward to On the Fence and to Scarlet.

  3. Lots of great books on your TBR, and ones that I'm really curious about as well. Cruel Beauty was a favorite of mine but the other ones up there are so good too :) Haven't read On The Fence yet though. Hope you like them all!

    1. I'm really looking forward to all of these, Cruel Beauty was recommended to me and I heard so many great things about it. I hope I'll like them all too. :)


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