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The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review

A week ago I watched The Fault in Our Stars movie and have wanted to make a blog post about it since then but I couldn't get around it. I thought about not writing anything or sugarcoat my opinion because of the all the great critics I've read about this film but decided against this for a lot of reasons. 

As soon as I know there will be a movie adaption based on The Fault in Our Stars I knew it won't have the same effect on me as the book had. Mainly it's because movies and books are two completely different thing for me. Books never failed to give me the deepest feelings, for me they are more touching than a movie can ever be, thus I've never cried on a film and I don't think I ever will. Before you suppose that I detest movies and can't get them I'll have to say that I laugh on a movie much easier than on a book, I have no idea why is that, it's the way I am for as long as I can remember.  

There's another thing you have to know about me if you'd like to understand my point of view, I tend to hate books which are hyped to hell. See, I've read the first two books of the Divergent trilogy before the hype got out of control and even if I didn't really like the second one (Insurgent) I wasn't fed up of the trilogy and was waiting for the third book eagerly. Then I kept finding posts about it, everyone shared the trailer and the teasers again and again, Pinterest and Tumblr were flooded with quotes which kept popping up a thousand times in different designs and even those who've never read the books were eager to watch the movie. Now, this was the point when seeing my favorite quotes didn't cheer me up but started to annoy me, after this I couldn't even think about the books without remembering all the overused quotes from the web. 
Something like this happened with The Fault in Our Stars movie. 

The hype of it was/is horrible. Everyone was talking about the book like it's the most amazing thing out there, don't misunderstand me, it really is good, maybe even better than lots of others but not the most amazing book by far. What I hate in hyping something is that if someone says something the others will start to repeat it without thinking, this is of course not true to everyone or everything they say on the net. 

Now, let's talk about the movie. I started off hating all the teasers and the trailer but a few days before the premier I got excited I couldn't wait to watch it. I had the feeling that no matter what I won't cry on it but I thought I could still like it, couldn't I? 

I was sitting in the theater and while watching the movie I enjoyed it but once in a while there were things I didn't like, and all in all the films just didn't have a big impression on me. 

I'm going to be completely honest here, I don't like Shailene Woodley, she rubs me on the wrong places and unlike others I don't think she gave a good performance in Divergent (which I didn't like either), so it was already clear that I won't be impressed by Hazel's character but fortunately she did her maximum and wasn't half as bad as she was in the Spectacular Now. 
The other main character, Augustus was played by Ansel Elgort. I saw Ansel in two movies, first in Carrie where he played his part as well as the role went, next in Divergent where he didn't do anything special, anyway I didn't have an opinion about him nor do I have now. He's not a bad actor, actually he played pretty well but if I have to describe his acting in one world I would stick to forgettable if not weak. 
Strangely the actor who played Isaac (Nat Wolff) was my favorite from the three even if he played a smaller role and wasn't that impressive in the book either. 
Hazel's parents were really cute! I loved them all the way, even if seeing True Blood Sam was a bit strange, after a time I completely forgor his other role and just enjoyed the truly incredible relationship between Hazel and her family. 
All in all the acting was a pleasurable surprise for me, unlike in the trailer I could like everyone and was rooting for Gus and Hazel even if I knew the ending will be sad. 

Some of my favorite parts were left out but this is the least because all the most important parts were put into it without big changes which is rare in book adaptation so huge thank you to the directors and screen writers and everyone else who worked on the film. 

I liked that the movie could make me smile every once in a while, somehow it reached me and made me feel all warm and fuzzy but unfortunately the sad parts left me cold and feelingless. While reading the book I felt super moved a lot of times for example when Hazel was brought into ICU or when Gus told her that he will die but in the movie these parts weren't that great for me. 

The movie wasn't touching at all, I mean I never felt really sad not even on the pre-funeral of Gus which was the saddest part of the book in my opinion. After watching the movie I wasn't excited to share my thoughts with my friends as I am after watching other films nor I wanted to watch it again anytime soon. I was, still am, indifferent. 

I'm really disappointed, not just in the movie but in myself as well because a lot of people, some I know, + some bloggers think this was pure heaven and even those who can find flaws in it don't hate it, so I guess I'm a bit too critical but these days most adaptations fail to impress me. 

I'd recommend this to everyone who read and liked the book because it was really similar to it, all the main parts were recorded and the actors were good enough. 

Rating: 7/10


See, this is what I'm talking about: 
These things are not true and I hate when fans start to talk about a book like it's better than anything else and I feel bad for other authors who are much better than John Green... but even I won't say names because they are my favorites and I won't say they are more talented than others because maybe for other people talented means something different thus they won't love these authors as I do.


  1. I haven't seen the movie yet and it's been a very long time since I read the book. Still, I'm hoping to see it soon, and I'm hoping that I can go in with low enough expectations that I'll be pleased. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I think there's a great chance you'll like it, I'm not sure if you've seen Divergent, I did and kind of hated it while even the biggest book fans loved it, I'm afraid I'm a bit too critical with movie adaptations and as I said I don't like Shailene.


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