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Jessica Sorensen - The Probability of Violet & Luke (The Coincidence #4)

Luke Price and Violet Hayes haven’t seen each other in a couple of months, not since they discovered Luke’s mother’s connection to Violet’s parent’s murders. But when Luke gets into some gambling trouble with the wrong people, destiny decides to throw the two of them together and they head out to Vegas to try and settle Luke’s debt.
As Violet spends time with Luke, she becomes torn on whether she should be with him. She definitely can’t deny that her life is better when she’s with Luke and she starts to wonder if going back to Preston was a mistake.

Things seem to be going well as Violet opens up more to Luke, but then she gets a call from the detective, not only to give an update on Mira Price and the case, but to give information about some threatening texts she’s been getting. The information is not only shocking, but makes Violet question what kind of people her parents really where and whether she’ll be able to trust anyone ever again.

In The Destiny of Violet & Luke I fell in love with the characters instantly, Violet never became my favorite, not like Callie did but Luke was one of the most amazing fictional characters ever. In the previous novel we could see soon enough the truth but I don't think anyone thought that Violet will go this far when her newly found happiness was taken away, she crashed all readers hearts because with only one decision.
I'm sure every one of us hoped that nothing will happen between Preston and her and she will leave before he could touch her with a finger, unfortunately this book crashed all my hopes and left me sad and depressed until it became much brighter. 

What I missed from the first novel of Luke and Violet was that they didn't get to know each other really well, besides talking about their dark pasts (which was a HUGE thing) they never really talked about their present, for example Violet's constant desire to put herself in danger, like it or not she is an adrenaline junkie and I'm kind of disappointed it took so much time for Luke to see this. Well, if you had the same problem start this book ASAP, in The Probability of Violet & Luke they saw each other in the worst ways possible but will never stop loving and caring about one another no matter what. 

The romance was steamy and hot and just freaking perfect. I loved every minute of reading about these star-crossed lovers, maybe some people would say they shouldn't be together considering how their pasts collided but I think if they can survive this they can do pretty much anything afterwards, even stay together.
Their love for each other was completely visible, Luke even realized it and admitted it to himself, he couldn't tell it to Violet because it was too soon and he knew that she will need more time to cope with her feelings before she can hear what Luke has to say to her. 
“I don’t want to feel this way,” she whispers, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I want to feel something else… not this… not all this pain… I don’t even know where it came from. One minute I was drunk and then you turned me down and I…” she trails off, sucking in a breath.“I’m so sorry, Violet. For causing you pain.” God, kill me now. This is too much. Too unbearable, seeing her like this.
As I said, Luke was kind of amazing, even if he felt pretty miserable and wanted nothing more than to corner her and beg her for forgiveness, he let Violet deal with everything in her own way. He hated when Preston touched Violet, hated seeing them together and thinking about what can possibly happen behind closed doors but kept cool because he didn't want to upset Violet. 
"There are always two things on my mind. Booze and money. Or booze and gambling. It’s all I can focus on because the moment I stop and I let my mind catch up with life is the moment I think of her. Violet Hayes. The one girl who wrecked me in what I once thought was a the best kind of way possible when she broke me down, made me only think about her—made me want only her. But then it was taken away."
He was the most supporting boyfriend ever, not even for a minute he reconsidered helping Violet, not even when she flipped out or when the worst kind of scenario started to unfold. 

Understanding Violet was a bigger problem for me, I could never ever relate to her reckless behavior, I will never get why did she go back to Preston, I know she couldn't really go anywhere else but she felt dirty and cheap after and she couldn't get herself to talk about it to Luke, the only guy who ever really cared about her. What I loved about her was her character's development, if I look back to the first novel there was a girl who wasn't this wrecked but who was more closed than anyone I've ever seen. Meanwhile in this book she was miserable because of a lot of reasons but somehow it's still obvious that she is following the right path because even if she's still sad and sometimes even alone, she can express her feelings better and hopefully she found love. 
"And now I’m left feeling worse than I’ve ever have in my entire life. Before Luke, I didn’t know what it was like to have someone care about me and to understand how it felt to care about someone else and I’m learning really quickly that it’s difficult turning my emotions off when I know how amazing things can feel."
Despite all I said, I've never felt more sorry and heartbroken for a character than for her. She had it rough and this is an understatement, she lost everything and had to deal with the pain of no one wanting her and saying shit about her since she was very little. The only one she ever really cared about after her parents deaths was taken away from her by destiny and she couldn't deal with it. 

We can say that she can't deal with feelings, she hates them and wants to turn them off whenever they start to overwhelm her so Luke had a hard and rocky road while trying to break down her walls, you can imagine how hard it was for the second time but he never gave up on her and his persistence saved Violet from making bigger mistakes than she already did. 

There were just three other main characters, Preston, Luke's uncle Cole and his son ergo Luke's cousin, Ryler. Luke's uncle was the typical example of that way where Luke's heading to, seeing how stupid and careless his uncle is changed his view of his life and made him realize he has to give up this lifestyle because one way or another it will ruin him.

I thought I was going to hate his cousin but even if at first he seemed like he was interested in Violet, he left her alone when he realized she loves Luke and after everything he proved what a nice person he really is. After the rejection of his dad he was still strong even if a bit hopeless, I'm rooting for him to find a way out of his dad's downfall. 

I missed Callie and Kayden soo much, Luke talked to him on the phone but just a few sentences and it wasn't nearly enough. I think I'm going to reread their books before the next one will come out. :) 

Favorite character: Luke
Least favorite: Preston 

This is not a standalone, I'd recommend it to those who enjoyed The Destiny of Violet & Luke and are up for more heartbreak. 

The story idea: 4/5
The realization of the story: 4/5
The characters: 3/5
The cover: 4/5


  1. I still have yet to read The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, but I've heard so many amazing things about this series. And about Jessica Soresen's books in general. I must fix this immediately, I think. :)

    Holly @ Part of that World


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