Friday, June 20

Jamie McGuire - Mrs. Maddox (Beautiful #1.5)

It’s Travis and Abby’s first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, from Abby’s perspective. This is not a snippet from Walking Disaster, or even a deleted scene from Beautiful Disaster. It’s something completely new.


You know how I felt while reading the story? Like I didn't sign up for this, it's just a few pages long but nearly half of the book is about how Abbey is getting ready and some boring stuff about America and Shepley, I don't think a 'Valentine's Day from Abby's POV' should consist these thing. Oh, and here comes my favorite part:

I smiled. Coordinating our school schedules made it easier to carpool and to study, but I wasn’t clueless. Putting a ring on my finger let Travis relax some, but he hadn’t done a total one-eighty. Any passes made at me were few and far between, but Travis was Travis, and whatever respect he demanded toward me as his friend, and later his girlfriend, was tenfold as his wife.


I mean I guess it's totally okay that your husband wouldn't even let you go to class alone... it's not controlling not a least bit... it's kind of cute on some levels... yeah, definitely cute!


Travis gets home, a bit talking about the dress then they're ready to go! I was still waiting for the cute romance to kick in but as they sit down at the restaurant Travis decides it isn't good enough so he takes Abby to the place where they first met at Travis's fight. Romantic, huh? Not so much. 


Now I would have accepted this if Travis had had the idea and I don't know just made the place a bit more romantic somehow... with blankets or candles or anything dammit. But bring Abby down there without anything... 


Okay, so I thought maybe either Abby or Travis will say something adorable, at this point I wouldn't minded even the cheesiest thing because anything was better than this mess. 

And then... Travis speaks: 

"Where I saw you for the first time. When you turned my whole fucking world upside down"


"my fucking world" because he can't go without cursing even for the time of his great monologue in which he tells Abby how much he's loved her from the very first moment. 


“For the time we spent apart. The darkest time of my life.”

Okay, fine that was kind of cute... 

But at this point there was no going back to good-bookland (or even acceptable-bookland).

Final Rating: 


  1. A CHUCK BASS GIF HAHAHAHA. Ok, I loved BD when I first read it, then read WD and now I hate this series. Ugh. I'm not even sorry that you didn't like it. Ok, I am. Because, who wants to read something they don't enjoy? =/ At least it contained one line that was cute, yeah? :D Though the weird coordinating classes and whatnot? O.o just don't. Sorry this wasn't for you, Veronika.

    1. I was searching for gifs and saw this and I was like: This is what I need! It was the same way for me, I liked BD but WD was barely bearable... looking back at the series I have no idea why did I like it... maybe because before this I read only paranormal or fantasy books so this was one of my first contemporary romance reads? The only good thing is it was really short.


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