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Cassandra Clare - City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6)

In this dazzling and long-awaited conclusion to the acclaimed Mortal Instruments series, Clary and her friends fight the greatest evil they have ever faced: Clary's own brother.
Sebastian Morgenstern is on the move, systematically turning Shadowhunter against Shadowhunter. Bearing the Infernal Cup, he transforms Shadowhunters into creatures out of nightmare, tearing apart families and lovers as the ranks of his Endarkened army swell.
The embattled Shadowhunters withdraw to Idris - but not even the famed demon towers of Alicante can keep Sebastian at bay. And with the Nephilim trapped in Idris, who will guard the world against demons?
When one of the greatest betrayals the Nephilim have ever known is revealed, Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, and Alec must flee - even if their journey takes them deep into the demon realms, where no Shadowhunter has set foot before, and from which no human being has ever returned...
Love will be sacrificed and lives lost in the terrible battle for the fate of the word in the thrilling final installment of the classic urban fantasy series The Mortal Instruments!

Do not continue reading my review if you loved the book because in the next pages I'm going to list up ALL the bad things about this novel. :')

This review contains spoilers, not major ones but still. 

I was eagerly waiting for this book to come out even if I despised the 4th and 5th installments of the Mortal Instruments series. Since the third book, which was a fine enough conclusion to the official trilogy, this series has gone downhill. The jokes became forced and not-so-funny while the characters didn't have anything left to show because all they had was put into the first three books. To make matters worse sometimes it seemed like CC had no idea what to write about so she picked out a few secondary characters and made protagonists from them adding nothing but more drama to the story. Let me clarify who I am talking about in the first place: Jordan and Maia. I did not buy the fifth book to read about their full of unnecessary drama romance but I still had to read about them to get to the other, more interesting parts of the book. 

The plot was boring and slow nearly every minute of it was a misery but I had to keep reading because even if I had tons of problems I still loved some of the characters, for example Alec and Jace. 

The forced humor was probably one of the worst parts, I have no idea who can find something like this funny: 

"Should I change my Facebook status from ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘in a relationship’?" 
Isabelle screwed up her nose adorably. "You have a book that’s also a face?"

I don't believe that shadowhunters have no idea about one of the biggest social networks out there. I know they live in the Institute but they don't live in a cave, they are not prisoners, they leave the Institute in their free time. But even if we suppose that Isabelle has no idea about Facebook, I'm pretty sure she still wouldn't ask a stupid question like this if she isn't a complete moron. It's completely obvious that Facebook is something she doesn't know and not a book that's also a face. *facepalm*

I absolutely loathed those parts in which Clare didn't tell why some things are happening. I especially mean the part where Maia beat another much stronger wolf thus became the leader of the pack. How could she do this if even a stronger male couldn't? I'm all for badass females but please tell us something besides stating that she fights dirty because I'm more than sure the other wolf didn't play the shy boy either. 

Clare wanted to increase the tension all the time, so she cut of the story at the most 'exciting' parts. If she couldn't think about anything else she created a totally pointless Julien and Emma scene, I'm not stating that all of their scenes were unnecessary but most were. 

Cassie gave strange and unrealistic speeches and thoughts into her characters brains, look at this: 
He was laughing up at her, and she was struck suddenly with the realization that the feeling of lying directly on top of Jules was actually sort of weird, and also the realization that, like Mark, he had a nice shape to his face. Round and boyish and really familiar, but she could almost see through the face he had now to the face he would have, when he was older.
Who the hell thinks something like this? Better yet, can you a point out any twelve-year-old girl who ever thought anything like this? 

Do you want to read a book about real feelings? Throw City of Heavenly Fire a thousand miles away because here when a character dies you won't feel anything but boredom. I freaking hate Maia, what is wrong with this girl? I suffered through City of Lost Souls reading about their sucky tries of rebuilding their sick ass relationship and in this book she realized she wasn't in love with Jordan anymore! WHAT? It was supposed to be a strong love because half of the previous book was about them fighting hard to be able to be together and let go of the past. 

“Your boyfriend’s dead, by the way,” he added. He slid his sword into the scabbard at his waist and walked away, his boots sending up puffs of ash as he went. 

This is it, this is Jordan's death written down on paper, I think Clare wanted to make readers eager to keep reading but she accomplished the total opposite. I couldn't care less if he died or not. And you know what? Maia, that mean ass bitch, didn't care either. Why would she? I mean, Jordan was just madly in love with her, but who the hell cares? Anyhow, Maie does one thing: feels sorry for herself because she couldn't tell Jordan that she didn't love him anymore. WTF?

All the cheesy as hell scenes. I love romance, actually adore it, the cute scenes, the happily ever afters, the love stories BUT what the hell was this scene for example: 
“There are a hundred trillion cells in the human body,” she said. “And every single one of the cells of my body loves you. We shed cells, and grow new ones, and my new cells love you more than the old ones, which is why I love you more every day than I did the day before. It’s science. And when I die and they burn my body and I become ashes that mix with the air, and part of the ground and the trees and the stars, everyone who breathes that air or sees the flowers that grow out of the ground or looks up at the stars will remember you and love you, because I love you that much.” She smiled. “How was that for a speech?” 

The fluffy everyone's happy ending.... I get why she did this but damn did she really had to pair up Maia with someone new not long after her boyfriend's death? And the Simon thing? Please, can you think about anything which is more bullshit? 

Sebastian was wrote down as a genius who tricked all the shadowhunters and the clave lots of times but he totally believed Clary could be blackmailed into staying with him and not once did it occurred to him that maybe she'll screw him over. But hey, let's just:

After Sebastian believed everything came Clary's friends and mum and whatnot? THEY BELIEVED EVERYTHING TOO. They looked at her and felt betrayed... it was two words from Sebastian and they lost all their hope in Clary, even her own MOTHER for fucks sake! 

The big deal about their names. Everyone told Clary that no matter how the last Morgensterns ruined the name she can be better because a name can't define you. When it came to Jace and being a Herondale there were all kinds proofs of how he is a true Herondale and so on and so on. Now, we should decide if a name can define you or not but it can't go both ways dammit. 

Now you're probably asking why did I give 2 stars if I hated it that much? 
Because there were a few good scenes which I liked, for starters Julian and Emma seem pretty nice and cute but I don't think Cassie can show us anything new after this, so this was officially my last Shadowhunter book. 

“Don’t throw it—please, please don’t throw it—oh, God, he threw it,” said Julian in a resigned voice as a wedge of potato flew across the room, narrowly missing his ear.

“Clary,” he said. “Did you kidnap Emma Carstairs?” (Jace) Clary gave him an exasperated look. “No. She got here on her own.” “I came in through one of the windows,” Emma supplied helpfully. “Like in Peter Pan.”
I still like some of the characters so I think this is what saved the book from my complete and utter hatred. 

Raphael: He was a bright spot of this novel, all considered I liked how things ended for him, it was probably for the best because this way he showed us he still had kindness in him but Cassie couldn't make some cheesy bastard out of him in the end. 

“Do you think,” said a soft voice at his shoulder, “that they would mind much if we fed on their dead?”
  It was Raphael. His curly hair was a mussed halo around his head, and he wore only a thin T-shirt and jeans. He looked like a child.
  “The blood of the recently deceased is not my favorite vintage,” he went on, “but it is better than bottled blood, would you not agree?”
  “You have an incredibly charming personality,” said Simon. “I hope someone’s told you that.”

Jace: After six books I still love love love him, his character developed a lot meanwhile on some occasions he's worse than ever, he sometimes seemed weak or clueless. 
“He’s brilliant, Sebastian, but there are holes in his thinking, places where he doesn’t know—I helped him with that. We would sit there and we would talk about how to burn the world down, and it was exciting. I wanted it. Wipe it all clean, start again, a holocaust of fire and blood, and afterward, a shining city on a hill.”
“I’m sorry. It’s just—you know me. I only have two reactions to bad news. Uncontrollable rage and then a sharp left turn into boiling self-hatred.”
Alec: He is one of my favorite fictional characters, they make the cutest couple with Magnus and I was so rooting for them throughout the novel. I loved how he finally stood up for himself and sent Magnus to hell. 

“I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually know how to make a pie.”He paused, clearly waiting.
Removing his sword and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, “And three?”
“Because I am not your bitch,” Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.

Finally I absolutely loved Catarina and Malcolm. Catarina gave good advices and was an amazing friend while Malcolm was as crazy as one can get. :)

“Most of the Downworlders don’t know,” said Malcolm. “I happen to have an informant. I shared the news with Catarina because of Magnus. I thought she ought to know. I mean, this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day. Kidnapping! Ransoms! Love, sundered by tragedy!”
“Shut up, Malcolm,” said Catarina. “This is why no one ever takes you seriously.”

Clary: She is the most annoying heroine ever, I can't even say anything else about her. 

I'd recommend it to those who didn't find any flaws in her previous book or are so big fans that they don't care. 

Favorite character: Alec, Magnus, Jace 
Least favorite: Clary, Isabelle, Simon

The story idea: 2/5
The realization of the story: 1/5
The characters: 3/5
The cover: 2/5


  1. Just finished the book and pretty much agree. Maia/Jordan story arc was rushed and last minute. Oh, and WHAT THE FUCK was happening with Maureen? Oh, randomly is able to kill centuries old vampire previously described as strategic genius and then is unquestioned leader of clan. Then completes minor plot arc to bring Simon back into the main fold again and is killed straight away. Talk about pointless. Oh, and the extremely convenient solution to getting back out of the demon realm? Oh, here let me demand exactly these things that you are able to give up easily. I was very disappointed to learn who Magnus' father was and that all the hype for his bargaining was legit to just make Simon not a vampire again (what he wanted? How is that a curse?) and then take his memories of the shadow world. So annoyed. Felt rushed and last minute and I am frustrated with CC for drawing the series out so much. Got really tired of hearing about the links of Parabatai, how much Clary and Jace loved and trusted each other no matter what etc. etc. ALL THE TIME. And the shameless plug for the next series by throwing the Carstairs/Blackthorn kids into it? I get that story setup can be important but at least make it a bit subtle, woman.

    1. Haha I laughed so hard at your comment.
      I hated that half of the previous book was about Jordan and Maia who just can't stay away from each other because they are totally in love and now Maia doesn't love Jordan anymore. What the fuck?

      Seriously, the whole Maureen story-line, starting off with her huge crush on Simon was the lamest thing ever.

      I know right!? Clare wanted to write a happily ever after for everyone and she went too far. Seriously the curse that Simon had to endure was stupid as fuck and can you point out one person who actually believed for a moment that he won't remember anything? Duh.

      I think the kids would have been cute if just mentioned a few times, like when Clary or Jace talked to them but them having their own plot line was unnecessary. And really Clare can't write kids plot, that's for sure, I'm sure that twelve year old girls who have a huge crush on an older guy won't think about how their best friend will look like in a few years...

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. This is exaclty what I think. Filler characters, filler plot lines, rushed endings. Maureen was so unnecesary. I still don't know what was her role in the story. And I don't even wanna talk about Maia and Jordan. I'm so dissapointed about this last three books. (especially Simon's ending. What was that? it supossed to be a curse? that's exactly what he want it!)

    BTW, I speak spanish, so sorry if my english is no very good :)

    1. I'm glad at least some people agree with me on this one. I mean if you look at the Goodreads rating you'd think it's a fantastic book... and it won the GR choice awards. I was mortified. Haha.
      I wish I hadn't read these last three books because it ruined not only the series for me but my love for the characters as well. IKR? That ending was really horrible, like she didn't even care that her happy end was totally unrealistic and cheesy as hell. Ugh...
      No problem! Sometimes I'm not sure either if bloggers will understand my comment or not. I wish I could speak Spanish but I'm horrible at it haha. :))


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