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Abbi Glines - Rush Too Far (Fallen Too Far #1,1)

Fallen Too Far was Blaire's story. Now it's time for Rush to share his side.
Everyone in Rosemary Beach thinks they know how Rush Finlay and Blaire Wynn fell in love. But Rush is back to tell his side of the story...
Rush has earned every bit of his bad-boy reputation. The three-story beach house, luxury car, and line of girls begging for time between his sheets are the envy of every guy in Rosemary Beach, and Rush handles it all with the laid-back cool of a rock star’s son. All he needs are his best friend, Grant, and his sister, Nan.
Until Blaire Wynn drives into town in her beat-up pickup truck with a pistol under her seat. The Alabama farm girl instantly captures Rush’s attention once he discovers that the angelic beauty is his new stepsister, but he vows to keep his distance. Even if she needs his help. Even if he craves her.
Because Rush knows why Blaire is all alone in the world, forced to ask for help from the father who abandoned her three years ago. And he knows if he gets too close it will destroy Nan, who has a secret connection to Blaire.
He has every reason in the world to stay away from her. Find out why he doesn’t.
When I found this book on Goodreads there was no question I’ll read it as soon as it comes out and I have time for it. I had tons of questions which weren’t answered in Fallen Too Far and I hoped I could get answers from Rush. First of all I need to tell you this book made me love him more than ever before because he saw things completely differently than Blaire because of this most of the time he didn’t realize he was hurting the poor girl.

This book told the same story as Fallen Too Far but in an entire new way, Rush’s POV showed us all his intentions and inner thoughts and I could get why he felt the need to push her as far away from himself as he could. The story wasn’t just about the relationship between these two but it gave us an insight into Rush’s life.

The two most important people in his life were Grant and Nan but there were a lot to know about the relationship between him and his mother, I’m sad there wasn’t any Dean in it, though.

Grant was the most annoying best friend ever, he always tried to make Rush let go of Blaire and throughout the book I never found a part where he actually supported him. I loved him in all three Fallen Too Far books but in Take a Chance he was the biggest coward ever and from Rush’s POV he seemed like a child again.

Nan could easily win the worst sister awards, she never cared about Rush just about herself while her brother didn’t do anything but tried to make her happy. Nan had so much hate and anger in herself I couldn’t like her but in so many levels I know it wasn’t her fault but her mother’s that she became this mean and evil. She tried to manipulate Rush all the time and even if he saw it he still wanted to please her so he always did everything she asked for. That is until Blaire who came into Rush’s life like a… wrecking ball (?) crashing all the things he thought he knows considering his loyalty to Nan.

Rush’s mother was a different kind of bad than Nan, she was such a bitch and knowing how she lied to Nan through all those years about who her father is again I feel sorry for the little girl Nan once was. How can a mother do such a thing? Take her daughter to meet with her “father” who clearly has an own family and doesn’t care about his “daughter”. She didn’t have any money but she was spending Rush’s like it was her own without shame. She despised Blaire without reason and tried to make her dead mother look bad in her eyes. After seeing her from Rush’s POV I’m not at all surprised about Nan’s behavior but I still can’t accept it.

Blaire’s dad was the worst kind of man; he left his family when they needed him the most and didn’t come back for his daughter when her world fell apart. In Rush Too Far I hated him more than ever, in Blaire’s books there was her love for him which never broke because of how kind-hearted she is but Rush was completely disgusted by his personality even before he met with Blaire so it would have been really hard to even try to accept him seeing him through Rush’s eyes.

There were a few parts I was really looking forward for example the first party Blaire attended in the dress she got from her mother, the dress someone made fun of. Rush thought completely differently from Blaire and most of the time didn’t even realized that she was hurting Blaire.

If I had known she was going to walk out of that room looking like something good enough to eat, I would have guarded the damn door.
"I’m sorry. I thought you said I could come," she whispered, her face turning bright red. I hadn’t meant to embarrass her. She misunderstood me.
“I hadn’t expected you to show up dressed like that,”

“I hadn’t expected you to show up dressed like that,” he replied with a deadly calm. His eyes were still directed at Woods. What was so wrong with my clothes? My mom had sacrificed for me to have this dress and I’d never gotten to wear it. Sixty dollars was a lot of money for us when she’d bought it. I was sick of this stupid bunch of spoiled brats acting like I was dressed in something repulsive. I loved this dress. I loved these shoes. My parents had been happy and in love once. These shoes were a part of that. Damn them all to hell.


A sick knot had formed in my stomach that I hadn’t felt since I was a kid. If she told me all she ate was fucking peanut-butter sandwiches, I was going to lose it. Had I made her think she couldn’t eat my food? Fuck!
This was my fault. Fuck me, this was all my fault. She never complained when any other woman on the planet would have. And she was eating motherfucking peanut-butter sandwiches every day. My chest hurt. I couldn’t do this anymore. I’d tried. I was done keeping her at a distance.

Okay. So, he does care about me in some capacity.              
I didn’t argue. I went back into my room under the stairs and pulled my suitcase out from under the bed. My peanut butter was inside. I unzipped it and pulled out the almost empty jar and the bag with four slices of bread left. I’d leave this in the kitchen and then go find a room. My heart was pounding in my chest. This had become my safe place. Being upstairs took away my seclusion. I wasn’t alone up there.


If everyone in there hadn’t known we were having sex, they did now. He’d just shown everyone that he cared about me to an extent but he didn’t exactly want to walk around with me on his arm. My chest ached. I needed my distance from him. It was time I learned to crawl back in my own little world where I trusted me and me only. No one else.
  The fact he even admitted that told me so much. Nan came first. He was ignoring me to keep Nan happy. I’d expected this of course. I was just the booty call. Nan was the sister. He was right to choose her over me. How could he look at me as anything more when I’d gone so easily to his bed?              
“You’re right, Rush. You ignoring me would keep Nan from attacking me. I’m just the girl you fucked the past two nights. All things considered I’m not that special. I’m one of many.” I didn’t wait for him to say anymore. I ran for the kitchen doors slamming into them before the tears welling up in my eyes broke free.

I stood there, frozen, so damn confused. The sound of the doors slamming echoed down the hallway. She was hurt. I had been doing what I thought she wanted me to do, and I’d hurt her.
Did she really think she was just some girl I fucked? God, how could she not see what she meant to me? I was so completely obsessed with her that she controlled every decision I made. What the hell did she expect from me? I loved her, dammit

Favorite characters: Blaire, Rush
Least favorite characters: Grant, Nan
Would I read another book from Rush's POV?
Of course. :)

Tell me in the comments who do you prefer Rush, Grant or Woods? And from the girls? Could you like or just accept Nan from Rush's POV? 

I'm really curious about your opinion, thanks for reading my review. :)

The story idea: 4/5
The realization of the story: 5/5
The characters: 4/5
The cover: 3/5 (Why does model have a beard?)
All in all: 4/5

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