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Sloan Johnson - Truth or Dare (Truth or Dare #1)

Lea Baker fell in love with Colby Davis four years ago. The problem? He sees her as one of the guys. 

After the party from hell, both of them will be forced to face their true feelings for one another. Once the truth comes out, everything changes.

This review doesn’t just contain spoilers it is one big SPOILER.

Do not read my review if you liked the book because I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but a few may find some things offending.

This is my opinion and it should not make others hate this book. 

Dumbest story ever, with so many clichés you won’t even find a single sentence which was creative or original. The story’s main theme is Lea’s and Colby’s relationship and that’s it. It isn’t cute, hot nor anything which could make a good romance, it is cheesy, boring, and predictable and I could go on and on until your ears start to bleed from all the bullshit.

Lea was this incredibly shy girl until she was introduced to Colby, a guy who is known and loved by everyone. He is of course every girls dream, and he kind of is a manwhore (at least this is what Lea thinks), typical, isn’t it?
We get to know that Colby feels the same way (jeez who thought?) but he would never ask out Lea because she deserves so much better (a “bit” cliché, don’t you think?). Colby sees that Lea is suffering because of his flirts but he thinks it’s better this way… what an ass, I mean do what you want but does he have to f*cking rub it into a girl’s face who is completely in love with him, and whom he loves too?

Then Lea gets drugged or something at a party and tells that she loves Colby, so they have to talk about this in the morning. When Lea wakes up and Colby is next to her, and she doesn’t have a lot of clothes on she thinks that they had sex and freaks out. Colby gets super hurt and when Lea’s best friend tells her that they didn’t do it, she apologizes and they talk thinks out with the help of a game they played in the past, it’s truth or dare (wow how original).

With every question he asks, there’s more anguish in his deep voice. And I did that to him.

I can’t say anything to this one, I seriously can’t.

“Ask any of them,” he challenges without shifting his gaze. “They all know there’s someone else that I can’t hurt that way. The furthest I’ve gone with any of them is some heavy petting in my car.”

Oh god, what a gentleman. Is it just me who didn’t throw away her brain after this lovely sentence?

When they said like three truths and one dare the game ends which surprised me, because what is the title of the book? Truth or Dare… you’d think that it is important for the story… but hell no, the whole talking part could have happened without this ridiculous bullshit. The dare is Colby’s who has to take out Lea for her dream date, so it wasn’t even Colby’s idea to take her out… she had to ask for it… damn this just keeps getting more unromantic as the time goes.
The date was the most boring thing I’ve ever read, really the most.

“Is it too soon for me to tell you that I love you?” he asks during the bridge. I look into his amber eyes and see the depth of his words. The words won’t form around the lump in my throat, so I simply lift myself onto my toes, softly kissing each corner of his mouth.
“No, because I’ve been waiting over three years to tell you,” I admit when I can speak.

What the hell am I reading? This is neither sweet nor cute, this is worse than the cheesiest thing I’ve ever read.

So they get together and I thought: keep reading the end must be very romantic… but it wasn’t. It was a totally unhappy ending: Colby left Lea to make his dreams of becoming a singer come true so they had to start a long-distance relationship. To make matters worse this book is going to have more parts… I don’t get the writer, this is a short story, but if she didn’t have a cute ending why didn’t she write a complete novel and continue with the relationship of these two? Usually people don’t make series out of novellas.

Favorite character: -
Least favorite: Colby, Lea and all the others

The story idea: 2/5
The realization of the story: 1/5
The characters: 1/5
The cover: 2/5
All in all: 1,5/5

I don’t recommend this to anyone, but if you'd like to read it, don't let me stop you. 

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  1. woah, after read your review I retreat from this story lol. I almost download it since the cover and the title kinda inviting you to download them hahah and also the summary
    I knew this one is simple, beautiful and cute story about a famous boy with normal girl and then the rest history haha
    so yeah, after I read some of the lines and yeah I guess you're right, I won't read this book and I also not that kind of girl that who read such a cliche romance anymore lol. I'm done.
    so here "she thinks that they has sex and freaks out" I think it should be they 'had' not has since it was in the past :)

  2. I thought so too but then it was so damn boring... and the ending is just plainly dumb... Colby left because he wanted his dreams to come true, but he went to a sing in a bar or something, so it's not like he has a big chance of becoming a famous singer. Jeez this wore me out completely.
    Thanks for informing me about the mistake, I corrected it. :)

  3. Dumbest blog I've ever visited. Thank you for making yourself a prime candiate for my new website where I bring to light these piece of crap bloggers who think they're the be all of blogging. Look at yourself in the mirror and read aloud what you just posted. What gives you the right to call anyone's work, dumb? It's my mission to bring people like you down. I hope you enjoy the ride.

  4. By "download" you mean you were tempted to go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to BUY the book, right? Because it would really suck if someone's bad review kept you from being a thief and stealing the book.

  5. Dear Anonymus1,
    I've already written it down that I'd love to get as many critics as possible, be bad or good, I don't care just write it down with respect because even if it doesn't seem like it I usually work with a review and I don't think anyone's work should be condescended even if it is shitty.
    I guess you succeeded after all, with all this hating you made me feel like sh*t so congratulations.
    I'd like to ask a question and I hope you'll answer, I don't even care if you'll choose the coward way of writing without a name again, but comment back. If you think how I spoke about this book was bad, than what about your comment or go further... what about that so called blog of yours? I've never heard of something so disgusting... maybe you're the one who should look into a mirror and see what a hypocrite are you.
    However I'll change a few things in my review, not my opinion of course, but a few words which may be offending. Don't think that you made me do this because you're such a good person... more like when I read your review full of hatred and bitterness I felt like throwing up and I don't want anyone else to feel this way because of me, be a reader who liked this book or the author,
    My final message: Bring it on, I'd rather have no readers at all than someone like you or people who read your kind of website.

  6. Dear Anonymus 2,
    I think she meant buying, In my country for example we usually use the term download even if it's costs money and is from a page like amazon.
    I don't want to offend you, but you shouldn't accuse an unknown person of stealing, she is not a native American so maybe in her country they call it like this or maybe she just used the wrong term.
    Have a nice day, :)

  7. Wow Anonymous 1! First of all, this is HER blog and she has a right to post about whatever she chooses!! Just curious, do you read books at all?? or know any human beings for that matter? FYI: People have opinions (their own thoughts on subjects) and not everyone has the same one. That is why authors request book reviews. It is not called a good or perfect book review. I think dumb is a fine word, would you have preferred to call it silly, moronic or maybe say unintelligent?? I cannot imagine anyone going to your blog to read so called "piece of crap bloggers"! I believe you are the piece of crap for copying everyone else's blogs and making it your own! Get a life and leave her alone! She is entitled to review books however she sees fit and I personally enjoy her reviews and the whole blog!

  8. I'm really thankful for your kind words and I'm glad there are people who like my blog and reviews :)


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