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Danielle Paige – No Place Like Oz (Dorothy Must Die # 0,5)

After returning to Kansas, Dorothy Gale has realized that the dreary fields of Kansas don’t compare to the vibrant landscapes of Oz. And although she’s happy to be reunited with Aunt Em, she misses her friends from the yellow brick road. But most of all, Dorothy misses the fame and the adventure. In Kansas she’s just another prairie girl, but in Oz she was a hero. So Dorothy is willing to do anything to get back, because there really is no place like Oz. But returning to the land she left comes at a price, and after Dorothy is through with it, Oz will never be the same.

This short-story can be read before Dorothy Must Die. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had the vaguest notion that I was the one being wicked. But I found that I didn’t care. In fact, I almost enjoyed it.”

I’ve wanted to read this book since I’d read the first book in this trilogy, Dorothy Must Die was just plainly perfect so you can imagine what grate expectations I had before I started this book. I’m glad to tell you: No Place Like Oz did not disappoint me. It was everything what I imagined, maybe I couldn’t relate to the characters but this book showed us how everything went bad.

In this book we could take a look into Dorothy’s mind to see what made her become an evil witch who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I hated Dorothy from the very beginning, maybe I’d have liked her more if I’d read this book before the first one, guess we’ll never know but one thing is for sure, if I ever met her I’d slap her in the face.
When the story starts her situation would be relatable if not for her narcissistic attitude. Just imagine, she lived in Kansas and didn’t know anything better until she went to Oz and saw a world much more amazing than her own. When she went home Kansas was nothing considered to the magical lands of Oz and worst of all no one believed her story, even her best friend and family called her a liar. She endured it all until her birthday when nothing happened as it should have so when there was a chance to go back she grabbed it and take her aunt and uncle with her too. This was the point where the story became real interesting because after this event her personality became worse and worse.

Dorothy: It was hard for me to like this story because of my hatred for her, she is so annoying and can’t appreciate anything she has. Strange thing was she felt that she is changing for the bad, she felt alone but becoming more powerful than anyone else was so important for her that she never cared about it.
“I wrapped myself in magic like it was a heavy down quilt.As it enveloped me, I felt both happy and content—and emptier than ever.”
Nothing was enough for her, she couldn’t appreciate the biggest things in life not to mention the small ones. When she got everything what she wanted she craved for more and more until this became a vicious cycle.
“That was who I was, I realized, as I drifted off to sleep. This wanting itself was a kind of magic—one that I’d had since I was just a little girl. Since even before I’d been to Oz. Even before I’d had a pair of magic shoes, silver or red. I had always wanted more.”
However after reading this I wonder if she really would be such a monster without those shoes. What if she had learnt magic properly and not just thrown into the middle of it because of Glinda, if she could cope with it by her own, without the bad influence? Maybe she would have been exactly the same, maybe not.

Ozma: I would never imagine her personality anything like this based on the first book. She was too enthusiastic and she was half crazy, I wouldn’t chose her for princess even if I can see how good she was to her people. Though I still don’t know how I should feel about her, I hope this will change in the next book.
 I don’t want to say bad about her character because actually she is very cute and all kinds of thoughtful but she was kind of dumb. I hope suffering through Dorothy’s rule made her more powerful and careful because she handled the whole situation with a kind heart but without really thinking it through.

Glinda: I hate her, I knew that she’s a manipulative b*tch but I’ve never known how for she could go for power. Using a 16 year old from another world who can easily become overwhelmed by magic was too low for even her. I hope someone will kick her ass in the next books.

Aunt Em and Uncle Henry: They were typically the kind of people who are very realistic and can’t even accept anything magical or inexplicable. They loved Dorothy but it was always obvious that they loved each other the most and Dorothy was always the second to them, not like a real child.

The Tin Woodman, the Lion and the Scarecrow: Their bad nature started to show in this book, the Lion always picked a fight when he had the chance just so he could prove his courage. The Tin Woodman started to fell for Dorothy which will lead him to do whatever she asks in the future.

“I wanted more. I wanted what Ozma had. I wanted everything”

The story idea: 5/5
The realization of the story: 4/5
The characters: 4/5
The cover: 4/5

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