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Series Summaries #2: Cassandra Clare - The Bane Chronicles

I’ve just read the last book in this series so I thought I’m going to make a summary, but then I realized I can’t recall half of the previous books because NOTHING HAPPENED in those so I guess I’ll just write a few sentences about all these books together.

I didn’t like the writing style, not at all, it was boring for a lot of reasons but the main reason is the lack of feelings. Dear Cassandra Clare, make us feel something and do not just write down what we should feel and pretty please don’t try to write this dramatically because it’s not realistic. If Magnus spends a lot of time partying than why the hell is he talking like someone from the past? The worth kind of writing was when she repeated the words again and again just to make us feel something, you know what I felt: annoyance. Furthermore she wrote down names again and again and again. Here’s an example:

Magnus’s closet took up half his bedroom. He kept meaning to enlarge it. There were a lot of clothes in it that Magnus thought would look excellent on Alec, but as he riffled through them, he realized that Alec might not appreciate Magnus imposing his unique fashion sense on him.

I can get it is hard not to replace the names but damn this book’s publication was postponed like 6 times, considering this is a 40 pages long story written by two authors it should be absolutely perfected, without the tiniest of flaws.

I wouldn’t say she writes poorly, but there are far more talented authors around who can come up with new ideas again and again and aren’t making stories out of others remains.  

In the main series we learnt that Magnus had a rough past, Clare threw it into our faces when Jace and the others met him the first time, so it must be really f*cking important. When I first heard about he will get 10 books I thought: Jeez we can see into his hard past, boy was I wrong. In these short stories we get to know Magnus’s most shallow self, he was nearly always thinking about himself first and he always felt sorry for himself. He could get a five from self-pity…

There are lots of contradictions in these books: in one moment Clare writes about how much Magnus hates mundanes because they’re annoying, but in the next she writes that he is still fascinated or amazed by them… I don’t get it.

As far as I remember he was mad about how the shadowhunters hated him, but then he says he always acts as bad as he could around them, so then why the hell is he surprised that they don’t like them? I know most shadowhunters have an attitude but it’s not helping if Magnus is a jerk to them.

I wouldn’t say Clare ruined Magnus’s character maybe for some people he was sympathetic but for me his character just didn’t add up.

There were three main themes I found in these books:
- Magnus’s wardrobe and opinion about fashion and how much he thinks of himself

- He is annoyed by other people and he despises them (not just mundanes)
- How easily he falls in love
Deep, isn’t it? Sometimes he did help others but these moments didn’t make a big impression on me.

My favorite scene(s) from all the books:
-       when Alec told Magnus he thought that he just wanted to cancel the date and the emergency was just an excuse.
-       Jamie Herondale and the ducks


 the Tessa, Will, Jem thing… this was so cheesy I felt like throwing up… I mean Tessa loves Jem too, but Will doesn’t care because he loves him too and the three of them are sooo close… 

Final sentence: Boring as hell because of poor writing and no actual plot plus ruined characters. 

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