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Michelle Hodkin - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #1)

Mara Dyer doesn’t think life can get any stranger than waking up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there.
It can.

She believes there must be more to the accident she can’t remember that killed her friends and left her mysteriously unharmed.
There is.

She doesn’t believe that after everything she’s been through, she can fall in love.
She’s wrong.

Mostly this book was annoying as hell because it was a mess, there were times where I had to ask myself what is happening, and not in a good way. The lots of cliches were disturbing as hell, I felt like every character was a cliche and/or a stereotype (the mean girl, the asshole guy who completely changes when he meets the “ love of his life”, the main character who gets tons of advices about the bad guy still she can’t stay away, and I could go on and on), and if this isn't enough the story-line could have been interesting and exciting but with so many coincidences and cliches it just got boring and predictable as hell. 

This book is supposed to be a Paranormal Romance, but the paranormal thing started at the 80% of the book and even after the main theme of the book remains the relationship of Noah and Mara. This book could have been better… much more better. Maybe the author should have decided if she wanted to write a paranormal story or a love story. Or she should have mixed it better, because I just didn't feel this love big enough to rule the story. 

I don’t know if Mara’s ability was supposed to be a mystery for us readers, or just for Mara, but I’m more than sure anyone with a working brain could guess that she is not insane and what is she capable of. I liked the mental-illness part, it was good enough, but I just couldn't reconcile that with the truth, maybe this is my fault so let’s move on. 

All in all, this book didn't reach my expectations; I don’t even know what to think about it. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good either, so I’m going to go with three stars because I usually evaluate the idea of the story which was good, the problem is the story just didn't add up for me.

The Story-line
The story is about a girl, Mara, who wakes up in the hospital with no memory of a tragic night. She has no idea why she and her three friends went to the old asylum which collapsed, and buried them, she survived but the others all died. She starts to see ghosts of her friends so her worrying parents consider sending her to a facility for psychiatric treatment. She refuses the idea, but suggests that they should move to somewhere else so they can start over. The new place doesn't help a lot, indeed she starts to think that she went totally crazy because the people who she wants dead die just the way she imagined it. She meets with the school's bad boy, Noah, who is loaded, can have any girl, is a man-whore, but still he is interested in Mara, the new girl without friends. There is the meanest girl in school too, who has her followers and who can even kick students out without no good reason at all. Soon Mara and Noah fell in love and start to discover secrets about themselves and about their abilities.

The story started well enough, a confused girl who slowly starts to remember the night when her friends died. We got to know the three dead characters as well as Mara's family and we could see how her life changed since the accident. We can sympathize with Mara as she started to recall the events of that terrible night through her nightmares. We could see how awful her boyfriend was to her and how she made him pay for it. After they move she soon meets Noah who is a complete asshole, he screws girls, he makes them feel special and when he loses interest he dumps them and breaks their heart. There was a girl who tried to commit suicide after he did this to her and there are no information about Noah feeling bad because of what he does to these poor girls. He could find girls who just want to have fun and who couldn't care less if he will dump them or not, but no he has to ruin girls reputation and crash them. I never got why didn't Mara care about this, yeah maybe Anna was an annoying bitch but who knows how she was before the Noah incident, or maybe the other girls are completely different from Anna, maybe they are more like Mara, innocent girls who think they can change the bad boy.

Of course Noah is this BIG ASSHOLE, still he is completely normal to Mara and fall head over heels in love with her, just because. So this seems like he has got feelings after all, but then why didn't he care about the other girls just a little bit more? And about Jamie, how could he talk about these girls disdainfully if his own sister was a victim of Noah’s cruelness? I don’t get him he was such an asshole too, in the whole book his most kind part was when he helped Mara learn. By the way the learning was boring as hell and it was unnecessary. And most of all I don’t get how the fuck Daniel wasn't worried about Mara. I mean he seemed like a good brother to me, even if he was a little bit careless sometimes, so didn't he heard about Noah’s previous “girlfriends”? The worst of all was that sometimes the story was so damn predictable that I wanted to threw my tablet out of the window, the worst parts were the facts I couldn't wrap my mind around and I had problem with the whole "HIS" thing
“And just like that, I was completely, utterly, and entirely, His.”

In this case this whole thing didn't make the characters hot or sexy. This made Noah look like a control freak asshole which he kind of was. I mean they got together and the next day Noah beat the shit out of another guy, because he insulted Mara, but he didn't really do anything to make others stop treating Mara like garbage, because of their relationship. Sometimes he did things which made him look even cute, sometimes he even said funny things, but it didn't make him swoony enough, because he not just slept around, he hurt other people, a lot of them, and he never even felt sorry.

“Did I just see you litter?''I'm driving a hybrid. It cancels out.” 

The story idea: 4/5
The realization of the story: 2/5
The characters: 1/5
The cover: 4/5
All in all: 2,75/5

Recommend it to those who like Paranormal Mysteries and don't care if they have to wait for the paranormal part and people who aren't bothered by a "few" clich├ęs. 

Favorite character: none

Least Favorite: Jamie, Mara's former friends, sometimes Mara and Noah. 

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